Kaitlyn H

I’ve been with Badasscass_fit for 7 weeks now and its been fabulous! She gave me an overall break down of what options she offered for nutritional/fitness programs and after a smooth transaction I found myself with a great schedule to follow for 12 weeks.

I really like the nutritional program she uses which breaks down your food categories (what you can have along with portion sizes) and a helpful system to calculate your macros for each day. The work outs are simple and explained and I’m very happy with the results I’ve gotten so far!

Anytime I’ve emailed her I always get a response within 24 which I also love. If you’re looking for a great online coach I would definitely recommend Cassie!

Heather M

Deciding to work with Cassie has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I found myself depressed and unhappy with how my body was, nevr in my life had I gained so much weight.

From our first conversation, Cass took interest in my goals and set a plan specifically for me. Over the past 8 week I’ve seen my body change so much, and seeing progress pictures of myself week by week just gave me that extra push to keep going. When I had rough weeks, she was right there to encourage me to keep pushing. She could see when I needed to push the weights more on what specific days and it helped.

Cass not only helped with getting my body in the best shape physically, she also helped me gain confidence and mental strength. With her beautiful personality, encouragement and knowledge she made this transformation as easy as possible and worth every minute spent in the gym and in the kitchen.

Kim P

The past few years I have struggled with loving my body, I felt sluggish, my skin was bad, my stomach stuck out and I absolutely hated getting photos taken, that was untill I started following badasscass on instagram! I saw she did personalised programs and Within a week I had an 8 week meal and workout program emailed to me! And WOW I am so happy, not only did I notice myself getting smaller but I could feel myself gaining strength! I 100% recommend Cassie’s programs! ❤

Cyndle M.

Be Inspired..

Before I started training with badasscass I wasn’t happy with my body which in turn led to a severe lack in overall confidence. Even though I was hitting the gym regularly I wasn’t getting anywhere, I felt defeated. I have struggled with weight my entire life and started to believe that I was incapable of reaching my goals.

I have struggled with weight my entire life and started to believe that I was incapable of reaching my goals. Badasscass changed that, she takes her time with you while encouraging you every step of the way. She is down to earth and makes you feel comfortable enough to truly open up to her. Her customized meal/ workout plans are tailored to you as an individual; to keep you focused without the extra stress of figuring it out on your own. I lost 10lbs in the first few weeks and have lifted heavier than I ever have. Badasscass has been a true inspiration to me and I could not be happier with my results!

Her customized meal/ workout plans are tailored to you as an individual; to keep you focused without the extra stress of figuring it out on your own. I lost 10lbs in the first few weeks and have lifted heavier than I ever have. Badasscass has been a true inspiration to me and I could not be happier with my results!

Sierra L

I trained with badasscass for 8 weeks. She became more of a friend than a trainer. She gets so excited for any accomplishments you make. I emailed her when I was at the gym and did more push-ups than I did a couple weeks before, she was just as excited as I was. She is always available to answer questions (I think I emailed her 5 questions a day). The hardest part for me was the diet and she was right there telling me that diet is the hardest part for her too and if you watch her YouTube videos you will learn that she loves candy. I was so impressed with the progress I made in just a short 8 weeks, I would recommend her to anyone she is very flexible. I’m even thinking about doing the 8 weeks again in the new year and then possibly get her to do a phase 2 cycle for me. Badasscass is truly badass and you will look forward to every day you get to train with her. I definitely missed her after my 8 weeks was over.

Hayley V

I have started online training program with badasscass recently. I must say she is truly inspiring and very encouraging to help you get where you want to be. she takes her time to make a workout plan just for you by telling her your goals you want to reach I can’t wait to see more results the farther along I get into the program, but I am very happy with the results already after just a few days! pain has never felt better!


Amy V.

Being a single mother of two kids under three, I could not find any time for myself. I had always been a very active, semi-fit girl, but after two kids in 19 months by body was just getting worse and worse. I spent hours scouring over pictures of beautifully fit women on Instagram and stumbled upon Cass!  Not only did she have the exact physique I wanted, and was drop dead gorg, she looked like she enjoyed it and was having fun doing it.   So for the New Year, I figured enough was enough. Time to get my body back. I contacted Cass, signed up for a 16 week diet and training plan and I never looked back. I was 136 when Cass got hold of me, now 9 weeks later I’m 120. I know it’s not about the weight, but for me it was a door opening into endless possibility. With Cass’s continual support, encouragement and jokes, I feel and look better than I ever did before my two babies.  I cannot wait to see what the next 9 weeks bring (I’m hoping a 6 pack). If your questioning whether you too should embark on this journey and with whom you should do it? Look no further. I promise you, you will never question your decision to join Cass’s team (ok maybe 11 reps into your 4th set of squats on leg day) but seriously and honestly, she’s worth it and more! Love u Cass

Kynzie P.

I started training with Cassie a few months ago. I had been working out for around a year, lifting weights and doing cardio. I wasn’t seeing much results and was very unsure of what to eat besides chicken and vegetables (boring!!). I decided to try out having a trainer after following cassie on Instagram just for inspiration and being my #bodygoals girl. I’m really happy I took leap and saved the money to do so! I had my son a few years prior and wasn’t carrying too much extra weight but I needed to get toned and build confidence. She gave me diet options and weekly workouts. I even went on a family vacation during my 12 weeks and she gave me a meal plan for that week WITH restaurant options for where we were traveling?! Who goes that far above for their clients? I had many questions along the way about super setting, reps, supplements.. Everything you can think of. She was really helpful and detailed in her explanations. I never felt dumb or like I was an  inconvenience to her. I was seeing results very soon after I started the program. The weekly check ins and positive feedback from her personally kept me going and kept me accountable. It’s like my fitness model, hello? Didn’t wanna let her down! Ha. It was money well spent and I have the workouts and meal plan through email for future reference if I ever need and I really feel like even after the 12 weeks if I needed her for advice she would gladly help me. Overall I’m very pleased with my results and I got more then I expected out of my experience. I’d remake the decision to sign up with her a million times over. I recommend her to everyone I know struggling with body issues or insecurities. She’s fun and real and an inspiration for me any many others! ❤️

Jordyn A.

I’ve always started workout programs/diets and never continued them I would always get discouraged and stop. When I reached out to Cassie and started the 8 week program she was very helpful and got back to me very quick! Her program was very easy to follow and organized! When I saw the grocery list and chart I knew this is exactly what I’ve been looking for! Ive never been so motivated before and I’ve never finished an entire program! 8 weeks flew by and I’ve never felt this healthy! I highly recommend her programs, best decision I’ve made! I’m down 15 pounds and feel great!

Beth (AZ)

I love Cassie!

Not only is she Gorgeous and Inspiring – she is down to earth, approachable, and extremely knowledgeable! Cassie customized a  beautiful program for me, and even though I am a bit of a slow starter (I’ve NEVER been serious about fitness before this) Cassie is there for me, checking in on my progress and there if I have any questions.

No matter what level of fitness you are, Cassie can take you to the next level and higher. I never even dreamed I could have that “dream body” like I consider Cassie to have – but thanks to her help, if I follow her program, I CAN have it too!

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