About Me

Most of you know me from my posts on social media, but, I want you to get to know the real me and how it all started..

For those of you who came to this page anticipating a story about how I was severely overweight or that I magically lost 100lbs in a year, I am sorry to let you down. Truth is, ‘fitness’ isn’t a decision I made one day.

It was something I was born with.

For as long as I can remember, I played every sport that was available to me, soccer, basketball, volleyball, track, and softball. Every single season of every single school year you would find me on a field or court. And If it were summer, you’d find me somewhere outside with my dad practicing for any of them. And I loved every second of it. I’ve been skydiving, I wakeboard in the Summer, I snowboard in the Winter, and I’m pretty sure I can still skateboard?

My first year of high school is when I first picked up ‘weights.’ After that, I took weight training classes for the next 4 years. During those 4 years, my love and skill level for softball grew. Which resulted in athletic scholarships from various colleges.

Turns out playing softball doesn’t last forever. So, after that time in my life ended I turned to the gym and lifting weights to fulfill my constant desire to be active. I never did any of it to have a ‘perfect’ body, in fact, I never thought about that at all.

I always knew that my passion for fitness was different, and that I was a little more competitive than most. But, I never anticipated that it would turn into the career it has.

I never used social media much until 2015. When I started getting recognized on fitness pages and gaining recognition and ‘followers’, I realized how much impact social media truly had.

How a single image could inspire others to take interest in what I loved, was amazing to me.

Instead of using social media as just an outlet of my personal life, I decided to utilize it for a better purpose. To influence as many people as I could to live a more confident, happier, and healthier lifestyle. I know how good it feels to physically and mentally see progress you’ve worked for. And it’s something nobody can ever take from you.

No matter your goals, whether it be to build muscle, lose fat, gain confidence, live healthier, just committing to something at a higher level is the best thing you can do for yourself.

Since this all started I’ve felt very fortunate to have the growing presence that I do on social media. So, I decided to quit my jobs and learn as much as I could about nutrition, body composition, and different training methods, to dedicate my time to helping those who support me. After all, what’s better than doing what you love everyday?

I find it very hard to write about myself like this honestly.
But, this is me.
Who I am.
And I truly believe this is what I was born to do.

Xo Cassie

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